The Vault

November 19, 2010–July 19, 2013
Venue: SPACES, Cleveland, OH
Participating artist(s): David Wojnarowicz, Deborah Stratman, Gili Avissar, Guy Ben-Ner, Kate Gilmore, Ben Hagari, Gilad Ratman, Elham Rokni, Dineo Seshee Bopape, Steven Cohen, Matthew Barton, Anna Bojic, Berni Searle, Lerato Shadi, Penny Siopis, Chris Coleman and Michael Salter, Paul Edmunds, Simon Gush, Pieter Hugo, Susan Krueger-Barber, Jennifer Levonian, Michael MacGarry, Nandipha Mntambo, Andrew Putter, Eric Rippert, Dario Šolman, Brian Sabalausky, Cigdem Slankard, Doron Solomons, Karel van Laere, Nanette Yannuzzi and Arzu Ozkal, Ghosh, J. Makary, Sarah Paul (Little Miss Cleveland), Nathaniel Whitcomb, Davor Sanvincenti, Marko Tanic, Petra Zlonoga, Elena Harvey Collins, Michelle Fried, R. Eric McMaster, Eric Rippert, Ben Kinsley and Jessica Langley, Alexis Gideon, Cleveland Performance Art Festival Archives, Scorpion Dagger, and Dan "Daino" Torres.

In SPACES’s location at 2220 Superior Viaduct, in the front gallery space, there was a false wall behind which was an old vault that was original to the building. It is where we stored our electronics when not in use in the gallery. I proposed repurposing it into a digital flat file. We could install a small media hard drive and give visitors the remote control to peruse through dozens of sound and video files rather than being at the mercy of an endless loop of material. Work was added to the The Vault on a rolling basis where it would remain on view for approximately six months and then rotate out. I actively programmed content for The Vault from 2010 until 2013, bringing in dozens of time-based works.

Collage of work from The Vault
A collage of many of the works that I curated into The Vault over the years
Image at top: Ben Hagari
Invert (still), 2010